Girls Night In


Girl’s Night In Parties

Bring together your best girlfriends for affordable boudoir or pin-up portraits taken in a relaxed, fun environment.

Girl’s Night In Parties are perfect for women who:

* want sexy, beautiful, professional photos taken of themselves.

* want a fun, new way to celebrate “girls-night.”

* know someone who is having a birthday and/or bachelorette party.

It’s All About the Fun of Being a Woman

Who doesn’t love to play dress-up? Bring back the fun of being a girl! Get all dolled up, know you are gorgeous, play the vixen, or the super-model… just be YOU. Encourage your girlfriends to treat themselves to feeling beautiful, sexy and confident. Opt to get a professional make-over or do each other’s hair and make-up! Go shopping! Pick out the perfect lingerie or pin-up outfit together. Get ready for a fun party of self-esteem boosting photo shoots!

Do I have to get undressed?

No! Portrait Parties are for you to dress up or down however you want. Think fashion shoot! It’s about having fun and feeling great about how you look when you see yourself through the eyes of a professional photographer. Your 15 minute mini-session is all about you. We can do boudoir, but you don’t have to! Wear whatever you feel best in!

Girls Night In Party Info:

  • 5 girls minimum, 10 girls maximum.

  • Every woman receives a 15 minute Boudoir session.

  • Group shots with your best girlfriends.

  • 3 hi-res images chosen by the photographer available in a private downloadable online gallery.

  • Price for Girls Night In Parties begin at $199 per girl

  • Professional Hair $75

  • Professional Make-up $75

  • Hostess gets a free session if she books a 10 person party (9 plus herself)

  • All parties must be paid in full 1 month in advance, including those wishing to receive professional styling.

  • All 15 minute mini-sessions include a professional photographer, at least one backdrop, one outfit (layering or accessorizing is encouraged to change up your look), and a full edit complete with photo magic of your 3 best images as chosen by your photographer.

*Minimal refreshments and snacks provided.


You and your gal pals can hang out in our rec-room or outside on the patio and mingle. We provide small munchies along with soda and water. Feel free to bring additional snacks, music, and beverages of your choice! If you opt for professional styling, the hair and make-up artists will start right away. If not please arrive “camera-ready.” While you visit we will take one girl at a time into our brand new 1000 square foot studio to be photographed with her own photographer. If you’d like, following the individual sessions we’ll do some group shots of you and your gal pals. You’ll end your evening with a fabulous experience with your best girlfriends and beautiful empowering photos!

Copyright Notice

You will receive 3 images from your Girls Night In shoot that are chosen by your photographer, these are the only images you will see from you session. They will be completely edited to meet the Illustrate Sexy gold star standard. These 3 images are yours to print but you may NOT change them in anyway, this includes changing them to b&w or by adding effects or text in online editing programs. Only images with the Illustrate Sexy Logo may be used for social media sites such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.