26th Feb 2014

Building Confidence | Illustrate Sexy | Wheeling-St.Clairsville-Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography is about building confidence within ourselves that we didn’t even know existed. It’s about developing a mindset and spirit that in turn makes us happier, healthier and feeling more empowered. ...

21st Feb 2014

Before and After | Illustrate Sexy | Wheeling-St Clairsville-Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

Before and After images are probably one of the most popular google searches out there.  We love them ,right?  Whether it be weight loss goals, hair styles, tattoo cover ups, or even home...

31st Jan 2014

What to Wear-Razzle Dazzle RED |Wheeling-St. Clairsville-Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

“What to wear,” is on the minds of EVERY woman EVERYWHERE and can be extremely stressful. Let’s say you BOOK a photo shoot and want to look sexier than ever, immediately, instinct/anxiety...

26th Jan 2014

Love The Skin You’re In |Wheeling-St. Clairsville-Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

Feeling self conscious is the #1 excuse for a potential client to NOT book a Boudoir session. It’s hard to be confident ALL the time. How many times have you backed...