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“Sex appeal is 50% of what you’ve got and

50% of what people think you’ve got”

 Sophia Loren


One of the most common thoughts that come to our minds when we think about Boudoir Photography is SKIN…LOTS of skin.

I’m here to tell you that Boudoir Photography can be SO much more!

Dressing modestly for a shoot can be more sexy than wearing very little. Leaving a little mystery is ALWAYS beautiful and keeps people wondering. I believe sexy is equivalent to being classy and sensual without having to bare it ALL.

Top 5 suggestions for a modest boudoir session


1. Heels-It doesn’t matter what you have on. If you add a pair of heels it’s instantly sexy.

2.T-shirt-Wearing a form fitted t-shirt and pulling it off the shoulder works.(See image above)

3. Lace-This word should just mean FEMININE. You don’t ever see a man wearing lace do you?

4.Shoulder Duster Earrings-Pull your hair up, throw those duster earrings on and strut your stuff!

5. Cocktail Dress-With this ensemble you are completely covered but yet you feel like a Goddess.

So bottom line……Modesty is the way you handle your beauty, not the way you avoid it.

By choosing to leave some mystery you can still give the shoot a tasteful, modest, relaxed and intimate feel.

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