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Building Confidence

Boudoir Photography is about building confidence within ourselves that we didn’t even know existed. It’s about developing a mindset and spirit that in turn makes us happier, healthier and feeling more empowered.  A boudoir photographer with a well-trained staff, can lift limitations that you may feel are obstacles and provide you with support and guidance to reach your true potential of becoming a more empowered and confident woman. Forget about all the reasons you feel booking a boudoir session is not for you and BELIEVE us when we say why we think it’s just what the doctor ordered. Try following through with these 10 steps to help build the confidence to book your very own boudoir session.

1. Stop accepting your negative thoughts.

2.Do not compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique.

3. Except those called “flaws” as part of that unique YOU.

4. A beautiful thing is NEVER perfect. Every BODY is beautiful.

5. Reject the media’s idea of what is beautiful-Be yourself, OWN IT.

6. Know that acceptance does not happen instantaneously but with time and patience.

7. Invest in YOURSELF. You are worth it.

8. Size does not define your beauty.

9.Confidence will make you happier than any diet EVER will.

10. It’s not selfish to love yourself, to take care of yourself and to make happiness a priority…it’s a necessity.

Please do not allow these things hold you back from the amazing experience of being pampered by a               professional boudoir photographer. Sexy is how YOU see it. There is no rule written in stone that says you HAVE to get completely nude or wear skimpy lingerie for these photos. Several clients opt for night club attire or an off-the-shoulder sweater, tight jeans or vintage bathing suit. View more ideas on how to dress HERE. It can be anything you want. This is your style, your personality, your feelings. We are here as your safety net to catch you when these negative thoughts come creeping up on you.  I found this article by Bonnie Creevy to be very helpful Boudoir Photography: Should You do It?

So bottom line, Ladies, life is short….no time for insecurity. Always LOVE yourself and  live life beautifully.

Call Illustrate Sexy today to start your journey to a better, more confident you.

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