What to Wear-Razzle Dazzle RED |Wheeling-St. Clairsville-Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

“What to wear,” is on the minds of EVERY woman EVERYWHERE and can be extremely stressful. Let’s say you BOOK a photo shoot and want to look sexier than ever, immediately, instinct/anxiety (whatever you choose to call it) sets in. You grab your keys a bolt for the nearest mall in search of the PERFECT outfit.

Relax! Here’s where we come in!

We decided that it might be helpful if we gave you some visual aid to help ease your mind a bit. There is nothing more SEXY than a woman in RED.   After all, it is said that wearing RED can increase sexual attraction. Enough said! It’s our of color of choice today and I’m sure you won’t hear ANY complaints if your choose this style for your session. 

Razzle Dazzle RED

It’s no hidden secret that Pinterest is a HUGE asset when it comes to searching and saving things. It’s one of our favorite tools in the photography business. For some other great ideas, check out some of the things we’ve pinned. You could also take a look at our gallery for inspiration.


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