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How to Choose a Boudoir PhotographerHow to Choose a Boudoir Photographer

When looking for a photographer you simply want the BEST. Who doesn’t?! You want someone who is easy to talk to, available to answer your questions and bottom line, give you a GREAT experience and an AMAZING product.

Here are some attributes you should consider before choosing a Boudoir Photographer


When we say PROFESSIONAL, we MEAN PROFESSIONAL. Technology has drastically increased the amount of photographer “posers” who’s only qualifications are owning a digital camera and creating their own watermark or business cards. You should insist that your photographer be a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). If they have been published, that’s another gold star and if they enter competitions and place, even better. All of these things scream professional and you don’t want to invest your money any where else.


You want someone who specializes in Boudoir Photography. If you are craving a good cup of coffee would you rather grab it at fast food place or would you go to that little gourmet coffee shop on the corner that does nothing BUT pride themselves on making delicious coffee? When you have someone who is a jack-of-all-trades, there’s no time to put your heart and soul into your work. A specialist will have every aspect of this unique style of photography covered.


Full time means ALL the time… No side jobs to get in the way of giving you their FULL attention. Without the hassle of a 2nd job, their team can answer any of your inquiries that may arise during the time leading up to your session without delay.


Having an “in house” professional style & makeup team is VERY convenient for everyone involved. Someone who is readily available and open for your ideas as well as sharing their expertise on what they believe will accentuate your features. Plus, they’ll be there for touch ups if needed!


You may already be feeling a little nervous. Wouldn’t you rather have just the girls? With an ALL FEMALE staff, it’s like having a party and YOU are the guest of honor!


Wouldn’t it be HUGE bonus if the studio was not located on Main Street smack dab in the middle of town where every passer by could walk in or gawk through the windows? Look for a studio that is remote and private.


No one wants to settle for mediocre results or travel here and there for the items we want. We definitely want the finest quality products and prints. Search for a photographer who offers sessions, products and prints ALL in the comfort of their studio.

• And last but not least…. LOYALTY! 

Talk with the clients of the photographers you are researching. Read some of their testimonials. If they speak highly of them and are repeat customers, they MUST be doing something right.


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