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Karah Sambuco

Karah is the founder of Illustrate Sexy, the Ohio Valley’s Premiere Boudoir Studio. It was her dream to create an experience that would make women feel gorgeous. With the development of Illustrate Sexy she has done just that. Through her photos she has empowered women and helped them recognize their unique beauty. When asked why she wanted to create Illustrate Sexy, Karah responded, “Because they’re all beautiful, they just don’t know it.”

Now, one woman at a time, she’s driving that point home!  



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Karen Pettit

Karen came on board with Illustrate Sexy in 2012. She has her hand in marketing, sales, web design, and even post image retouching which is her passion. Her versatility makes her a huge asset to our team. She too wanted to be a part of the empowerment this business gives to women and jumped at the chance to work with us. “It just makes you feel good and EVERY woman should feel that way.”









Rosie Johnson

Rosie is a graduate of Scott College of Cosmetology and in addition to working at IS she is a stylist at Studio East in St. Clairsville. She is a highly sought after artist who has an amazing talent. She has an eye for style and art and it truly comes out in her work. Her creative mind has allowed us to fashion some of the most original photo shoots.